3. ENDINGER NOTENLESE - Klassikfestival


From 23 to 25 September it will take place, the 3rd Endinger Notenlese, the classical music festival organised by the Musikforum Kaiserstuhl together with clarinettist Kilian Herold. Once again, the Armida Quartet and pianist Hansjakob Staemmler will be internationally renowned musical guests in beautiful Endingen during the grape harvest.

Festival visitors can expect a varied festival programme with two chamber music evenings and a piano recital under the title "Changes".

"Changes", this term has a special musical meaning in addition to the generally understandable meaning, namely in the sense of "variations". It is a popular compositional technique, as it plays with human memory. Music researchers know that recognising a melody or a motif in a modified form flatters the ear and triggers feelings of happiness.

In the three festival programmes they appear again and again - the variations, the creative transformations of a concise theme. The most famous example, perhaps in the history of music as a whole, is Johann Sebastian Bach's so-called "Goldberg Variations", which will be heard at the end of the Notenlese with the pianist Hansjacob Staemmler. The fact that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Max Reger also loved and were able to play variations is shown in their masterful chamber music, which can be experienced in the first two concerts.

With the Armida Quartet, one of the leading international string quartet formations will come to the Kaiserstuhl. After its spectacular success at the 2012 ARD International Music Competition, where the Armida Quartet was awarded first prize, the audience prize and six other special prizes, a unique career began for the young Berlin ensemble. Since then, the Armida Quartet has been a guest at the major international festivals and stages.

With the opening concert "Quartett PUR", the young string quartet will open the festival on Friday 23 September in the Endinger B├╝rgerhaus. Franz Schubert's early string quartet D 137, Marko Nikodijevic's energetic 2nd string quartet and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's string quartet in D minor KV 421 will be performed.

In the second concert "Quartet PLUS" on Saturday 24 September, the quartet formation will be expanded to a quintet with clarinettist Kilian Herold. This concert evening will feature two absolute masterpieces for this instrumentation. The late romantic Clarinet Quintet op. 146 by Max Reger meets Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's masterful Clarinet Quintet KV 581.

The festival will conclude on Sunday, 25 September in Endingen's St. Martin's Church with Hansjacob Staemmler's piano recital of one of Johann Sebastian Bach's most famous works. His "Goldberg Variations" are two things at once: on the one hand, atmospheric "night music" for the sleepless Count Hermann Carl von Keyserling, and on the other hand, an excerpt from the "Goldberg Variations".